About Us: Owners Eloise Tencher and Josef Aigner

BREW BAKERS is a spacious, upscale, breakfast and lunch eatery located in the center of Middletown, CT. The kitchen is run by Chefs Josef Aigner and Michael Leister. Together, they create some of the finest food in Middletown. Both have extensive experience, having worked at 5 star Restaurants, both in CT and in Austria. The front is run by Eloise Tencher, Chef Aigner’s wife. Having traveled all her life and lived abroad, she has collected an amazing array or art work, including her own paintings, which are displayed at Brew Bakers. This gives the eatery a real European feel, and together with the food they prepare, people have a wonderful experience while there. 

Michael Leister - Executive Chef

Michael Leister brings years of extensive experience in fine dining. He has worked for over thirty years in award-winning restaurants showcasing his talents by providing memorable dining experiences. Over his long career, Michael has learned from world class chefs and is presently sharing his knowledge and talent by instructing young chefs.

Brew Bakers has been a great fit for him because they share his commitment to excellence. The restaurant has embraced his talents and encouraged his creativity which has allowed him to continue to prepare upscale food yet in a more casual atmosphere.