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Josef Aigner - Chef / Owner
Josef AignerChef and owner, Josef Aigner, is an award-winning Austrian chef who has won the gold medal for best Chef in Salzburg, as well as winning many cooking competitions throughout Europe. Josef was chosen to cook for Pope John Paul II, and later for Pope Benedict XVI (while he was Cardinal of Munich). He also cooked for the King of Bahrain and for the Dalai Lama.

Josef moved to the United States in 2006 and started working at the famous French/Italian restaurant, "CAVEY's" in Manchester, where he was Pastry Chef. Some of our special desserts are made by him.

Before coming to the US, Josef was also a Marathon runner and Ski racer.

Michael Leister - Executive Chef
Michael LeisterMichael Leister brings years of extensive experience in fine dining. He has worked for over thirty years in award-winning restaurants showcasing his talents by providing memorable dining experiences. Over his long career, Michael has learned from world class chefs and is presently sharing his knowledge and talent by instructing young chefs.

Brew Bakers has been a great fit for him because they share his commitment to excellence. The restaurant has embraced his talents and encouraged his creativity which has allowed him to continue to prepare upscale food yet in a more casual atmosphere.

Eloise Tencher - Owner / Manager
Eloise TencherEloise was born in Washington, D.C. but moved to Chile (her mother’s homeland) when she was two. Thirteen years later her family moved back to the U.S. where she spent her high school years. After that she attended Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland, majoring in Art, Italian and French. During college she developed a lifelong passion for World Music and all forms of art, such as paintings, crafts, tapestries and photography.

Eloise eventually settled in Glastonbury, CT, where she raised her two sons, Phillip and Billy. She continued to travel and started her own art collection, many of which today are on display at Brew Bakers. It was during one of her trips to Europe that she met her husband Josef. They started a relationship that would have them married within 2 years and then searching for the perfect fine dining restaurant to purchase. They finally found their establishment–Brew Bakers, and on February 8th, 2014, they will have owned it 6 years.

Eloise runs the front of Brew Bakers, where she and her staff ensure everything runs smoothly. She has created an eclectic, European eatery where her objective is simple: make sure the customers have a good time while eating the chefs' wonderful creations. Since running Brew Bakers, she has also become a DJ with Wesleyan Radio, hosting “International Music Hour” on alternating Sundays.
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